Tuesday, February 18, 2014

liam as a toddler

when did we get to the point where liam passed the baby stage and became a toddler?!
(anyone else see lance here?!)
my little boy can answer when i ask him what his favorite color is. (it switches between pink and yellow)
my little boy can sing songs with me by doing hand motions when they come up.
my little boy can register and tell me when he has two of the same thing.
my little boy can listen to multiple step commands and follow directions.
my little boy says thank you on his own when he is given something.
my little boy can navigate an ipad to find which app he wants.
my little boy can most times repeat words spot on.
my little boy can give the best hugs.

i love where liam is right now. every thing he says and does makes me laugh and love him even more. even when he throws a small tantrum because he can't have any more candy or when we're done playing a game and he wants to do it more. last night i was asking him yes and no questions and he was answering correctly. weren't we just filming him cooing and laughing for the first time?
liam's new favorite game is like red light, green light but we say stop and go. it blows my mind that he understands what word means what and the concept of the game. it's mind blowing, i tell you.

liam is obviously our first kid but i am just amazed at how smart he is. he is doing new things every day and is constantly surprising me with new words or funny things. i dont think i could love my little boy anymore! i am so grateful i get to be his mom!


Tanya said...

Love that look on his face. He's already too cool for school.

Annette said...

Okay so I quit trying to reply with my phone! Liam seems to change daily. But always in a cuter way. Love that little guy. I'm sure his cute ways are from the teachings of his parents who are totally in love with him. You and Lance are doing a great job!

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